To achieve this I have had to set the headset volume controls, all 5, master volume and different channels to full and have the pc volume control at over 85 percent. The Z6A can work with an Xbox , but only with an optional kit that splits the stereo RCA output to the surround cables. It is comfortable and emphasizes the things that are important in games. Multi-Speaker Surround Sound Eight amplified speakers, including dual subwoofers bring true 5. Turtle Beach Wireless Headset Headphones. Yes, they have been around for that long and these days are known more for their console headsets.

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The in-line connector is an option that I think other manufactures should look to include with any wired headset.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G Cons Requires a 5. Front View Show More Less.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A Gaming Headset Specs – CNET

In addition, there’s a master volume control that also allows you to turn on or off the amplifier. It also allows you to keep the cable untangled as you can unplug the headset and let the cable straighten itself turtle beach z6 reconnecting, something which has always caused me grief with my current headset after a few weeks of gaming. The reconnecting z the headset to the in-line amplification control box is excellent. In our bass test track, The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the headset handled the intense, flat bass turtle beach z6 without cracking or distorting.


Turtle Beach Z6A overview. The different channels blend together, making listening sound more like an enhanced stereo experience.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A Review

This allows you to disconnect the headset from your gaming rig without having the trouble of unplugging all the cables. I was also playing two different betas that shall not be named during this time and the sound of light sabers voice, ambient sounds, gunfire and turtle beach z6 sounds of turtle beach z6 was clear and direction was easily discerned. Comments 2 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback.

Turtle Beach Headset Headphones. This headset features a high-sensitivity veach and delivers 5.

Turtle Beach Z6A Black/Blue Headband Headsets

In my example this was fan noise from my gaming rig which is situated at desk hight about 1m from my position. Even with individual channels and drivers, there simply isn’t enough room or turtle beach z6 surfaces to give a sense of being surrounded by audio sources.

I also like the idea of the microphone turtle beach z6, this works well until battle becomes really frantic and you still find yourself shouting into the microphone anyway!

I sat back with some old action movie favorites and listened to how well sound effects were handled. Additional cables required sold separately close. The ear cups and headband are lightly padded, and hinges and pivots where turtle beach z6 ear cups meet the headband ensure a comfortable fit with little adjustment.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Turtle beach z6 Turtle Beach Z6A PC headset combines the audio quality and comfort of a professional-grade gaming headset with the full impact and 3D positional accuracy of multi-speaker 5.

The headset connected turtle beach z6 the in-line control box via the in-line connector and once the control box was switched on sound was heard from my rig. The surround and front channel speakers are angled to give you better 3D audio perception, and all turtle beach z6 these speakers, save the subwoofer, utilize 30mm neodymium drivers to deliver exceptional, wide-ranging sound.


Turtle beach z6 sound quality is excellent and the headset provides a rich deep sound whether in game or listening to music.

At first the foam was fairly stiff with very little give, but over time it has become soft and turtle beach z6 comfortable to wear. Despite not having the sound isolation of more expensive, dedicated over-the-ear headphones that focus entirely on keeping outside noise out of the ears and making voice communication sound awkward, since you can’t hear yourself welldeep notes sound full and undistorted.

The Best Laptops of The foam is just over a centimetre in width which allows heat to escape during long use.

It’s no Tiamat, but it is a great gaming headset. Musical fidelity would be bonus. Turtle beach z6 overall sound quality of the headset is excellent. Reports from fellow team members, via Ventrillo have been complementary in that my voice is clear and consistent. This item doesn’t belong on this page.