One of the most common causes of failure for Samsung drives is a burnt circuit board , or PCB. Other Devices We Recover. If your drive does not spin up, or if you smell smoke coming from the hard drive, these can be signs of a burnt circuit board, which should be repaired as soon as possible. Best decision I could have made. Stay away from those companies.

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Samsung SpinPoint M HMHI Specs – CNET

I think the datas are not damaged. Samsung drives are very vulnerable to power overheating and power surges. These are some real problems experienced by HMHI and Samsung hard drives in general that we see in our lab.

Seagate Hard Drive Barracuda 8tb Desktop 3. We are also partners with Donor Drivesthe largest provider of Samsung donor hard drives and PCBs, so we have immediate hm080ni to almost any part or donor drive imaginable in order to complete your project quickly.

Problem with the drive was i touched it with my hand when i was wearing a wollen pullover this leads me to belive the drive hm080hii suffered from esd Zo Z Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Samssung the drive hits such unreadable area it could start freezing, ticking, scratching and sometimes even szmsung The drive spins up and and the head starts clicking right from the beginning with a constant or intermittent sound: There is one more problem that is typical for all hard drives and Samsung drives particularly: The drive usually sounds normal but does not identify in BIOS or shows up with zero capacity.


Get a quicker access to your processed data with the 5. We see mostly failed drives in our lab and therefore we don’t have complete statistics.

Also, check hm080hhi the video to the right for some tips on trying to replace the circuit board. Samsung hard drives could also suffer from firmware problems.

This purchase was a good value and performed flawlessly. See details for additional description. Browse through multiple files and folders simultaneously with the rpm rotational speed of this Samsung 80 GB hard disk, which boosts your processing speed. After some period of time magnetic hm0080hi starts to degrade and bad sectors appear.

Don’t try to open the drive by yourself – most likely you will damage the platters and make your data unrecoverable. The problem is that logic board on modern hard drive is adapted to the head disk assembly it was manufactured with. Did backup once and now computer wont recognise drive. It is quiet, fast, and so far reliable. Check out our video on identifying common hard drive failures.

Any further attempts would just add up to the problems.


Samsung Spinpoint M80S HM080HI 80GB Internal 5400RPM 2.5″ (HM080HI) HDD

This could be a sign of a mechanical issue, such as a head crash. I would recommend this drive to anyone. Success Rate Outsource is able to successfully repair or recover nearly nine out of ten projects we receiveincluding the common failures of Hm080ji drives you see below.

Visit our Instant Quote page to generate an estimate of the cost of data recovery for your HMHI hard drive, which will depend on the type of failure and other factors. Stay away from those companies. Often bad power supply unit combined with power streak is enough to burn spindle driver chip on the electronics and make samsubg inaccessible.

Full transparency and no BS. If we cannot recover your data, you will not pay any service fee! Trending Price New. This can be caused by a power surge or other sudden electrical impact.

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I transferred approximately 40 GB of data in under 40 minutes which is incredible compared to other models.