If we were to slowly increase CPU speed at x and re-run the test, we’d eventually hit a plateau of performance where the number never increased. ATI Technologies products Video cards. We’ve just recently posted our review of the R, ATi’s flagship graphics card. If so then the ATi Radeon is a good choice. The line features 3D acceleration based upon Direct3D 7.

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Not all products have all features and full enablement of some capabilities and may require complementary products. Those cards offer higher performance but radeon 7500 series features than radeon 7500 series eeries it’s up to the user to weigh up the pro’s and cons at this price point.

The overclocking potential seems amazing too. The processors also include 2D GUI accelerationvideo acceleration, and multiple display outputs.

Basically, we hardware manufacturers started using the word “shader” a lot once we were able to do per-pixel dot products i. This radeon 7500 series ATi to increase the clock speed of the new core dramatically from the old Mhz on the shipping retail DDR Radeon’s to Mhz radeon 7500 series this example I have in my machine at the time of writing.

The next section of the review is copied verbatim from the review since it’s also relevant here. It took me a little while rdaeon figure out exactly what made the core.

Not all features may be supported on all components or systems – check with your component or system manufacturer for specific model capabilities and supported technologies. The drop from the x score to the x score is quite large indicating to use that in that resolution, performance is card bound.


I radeon 7500 series this card a lot. The Radeon’s Ark demo presents a science-fiction environment with heavy use of features such as multiple texture layers for image effects and detail.

Radeon 7500 series core speed was Mhz and the 5. HydraVision is a technology I first saw on a Radeon VE graphics card that a radeon 7500 series uses in a high end workstation. Retrieved 7 December The Radeon launched in the second half of alongside the Radeon R However, raeon Radeon could close the gap and occasionally outperform its fastest competitor, the GeForce2 GTS, in bit color.

ATI Radeon 7500

With AMD Radeon 7500 series Switchable Graphics technology, full enablement of all discrete graphics video and display features may not be supported on all systems e.

First off we have the Charisma Engine. Remember the card cooling was completely stock.

I would usually comment on the software bundle on a retail card such as this. We tested card performance using the 3 most common methods of determining radeon 7500 series card performance in reviewing circles, Quake 3 v1. It’s basically the same system as used on the The R introduced HyperZan early culling technology maybe inspired by the Tile Rendering present in St Microelectronics PowerVR chips that became the way to go in graphic evolution and generation by generation radepn optimization, and can radeon 7500 series considerend the first non tile rendering-based and so DX7 compatible card to use a Z-Buffer optimization.


ATI Radeon Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

Windows 98 is a faster operating system for 3DMark scores. I was able to increase the core clock slightly higher however before rendering errors kicked in or I experienced crashes.

Retrieved from ” https: So that’s the silicon of the card out of the way, lets move on to the rest of the features that make up the card and core. A compatible HDCP display is also needed for this. Combined the features can be turned on or off individually in the driver radeon 7500 series give a speed up on the card. The Charisma Engine is a data source for the Pixel Tapestry unit. Future releases of DirectX will have 2.

That’s an excellent price for the feature set and performance you are given. Requires 3D stereo drivers, glasses, and display. Quite impressive for 4ns memory without any active radeon 7500 series passive cooling of any kind whatsoever. It supports multitexturing and rendering of 3 textures per pixel in each of it’s 2 rendering pipelines.

ATI Technologies products Video cards.