Both touchpad and trackpoints are available on the Z60m, so regardless of your preference, you can use them both here. This section is easy, the Z60m stays amazingly cool using a fan and vent on the left side. They have a very night almost rubbery click to them, and with a decent size movement. They state the MAC address of the various networking components built in the laptop. However, with the implementation of an extra key strategically placed between the ALT and CTRL keys, you can no longer do that, unless you have a super long thumb.

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The pointing stick is great to use and I find easier lenovo thinkpad z60m use than a touchpad. It sounds good, but prepare to have a fun time taking out your SD card if you don’t have fingernails, as the spring thinklad fully eject out the card.

As a left hander I don’t know about right handed peopleI tend to press shortcuts all using my left lenovo thinkpad z60m, and I “source” out the CTRL key by feeling for it through habit. Being someone with a slight case of OCD, I tend to be picky to an insane level. Z60m back side view view larger image.

This is a customer customized unit, and as you lenovo thinkpad z60m find out, has a really nice perk over the z60m express lenovo thinkpad z60m. I find this extremely convenient too. They have a very night almost rubbery click to them, and with a decent size movement. One thing I should warn you about is regular sales people are very hard to get a hold of without being on hold for close to minutes sometimes. The port layout on the Z60m is quite different to that of the Z60t.


Lenovo ThinkPad Z60m Review (pics, specs)

Z60m out of the box view larger image. I’ll suggest you get a cooling device or a USB keyboard if you plan to use it in frequently in tropical countries such as where I live, especially if you’re without air-conditioning. Every other feature of this laptop is top notch. My average room temperature is about 29 degrees celcius, and the test was conducted after lenovo thinkpad z60m PCMark04, 3DMark05 and Everest Benchmarking programs, so heat build-up is a problem if lenovo thinkpad z60m doing some high intensity stuff.

Lenovo ThinkPad Z60m Review (pics, specs)

In the smartphone market, Lenovo did not belong to the Top 5 global manufacturers in Watching a movie on the Z60m screen view larger image.

The Z60m comes with an integrated fingerprint reader.

lenovo thinkpad z60m I was shocked to discover that there are NO system restore or recovery discs provided, but this is where Lenovo truly outshines its competitors. The screen doesn’t wobble much when you push it, you can’t twist the frame, and no matter how hard I push, I can’t get ripples to appear on my screen. It also features such perks as an active g-sensor which it monitors laptop movement down to the slightest tilt, to see if your laptop is in eminent damager of a mid-fall.

Those who are used to pressing shortcuts would be lenovo thinkpad z60m with shortcuts involving the CTRL key, e.

ThinkPad Z60m – Wikipedia

The fingerprint reader is nice. It also has Bluetooth 2. With the Z60m being thicker and larger than other ThinkPads, the lenofo does give it a more imposing look.


Well, they are speakers. Almost too sensitive sometimes, but I still need to change the settings on that a bit. Where and Lenovo thinkpad z60m Purchased: The titanium lid is roughly 2mm thick giving the laptop a very sturdy almost unbreakable feel.

Either they should make it all black, or they make it all silver colored. Instead of letting you put up with the hassle of storing the recovery discs for emergencies and running the risk of you misplacing them or damaging them through time, Lenovo has decided to integrate the system recovery into the system itself, with the lenovo thinkpad z60m to restore itself to factory condition just by the touch of a few buttons, even if you lenovo thinkpad z60m unable to start Windows.

The ThinkVantage suite, thinpad on all ThinkPads, has gone through a major makeover recently.

ThinkPad Z60m

The nice thing about the Z60m is all the great IBM utilities for managing your laptop. However, they suffered from heat problems, so they were quickly put out of the race, as lenvoo management is of utmost importance to me I tend to leave my laptop on for months on end. The fan seems to whisper along during use, even at idle.

Be prepared if you do a lenovo thinkpad z60m install yourself, that you WILL have an audio driver problem to deal with.