Since the RF signal works through walls and furniture, you have more flexibility in locating the PC that will be used to run Media Center. Although Matomo records data such as your approximate geographical location, device, internet browser and operating system, none of this information personally identifies you to us. Please select your country: Countries are sorted by EU countries and other countries each in alphabetical order. It is also ideal for connecting modems, fax modems, or terminals to a server. Our website uses cookies, to help provide you with the best possible user experience.

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Features ‘laser safe’ design for use in classrooms and other environments where children are present. This adapter is ideal for industrial and enterprise markets where there is a need to connect serial device to a PC for process control, keyspan usa 19 h collection, or point of sale applications.

Please select your country answer to the following questions accordingly and then click onto the “OK” button. Unlike an infrared remote, this RF remote does not require line of sight to the RF receiver.

There is no keyspan usa 19 h to install – just plug the receiver into the USB port on your PC or Mac and it works within seconds. This page requires JavaScript to provide its full functionality.


Press again to un-black screen F5 – F5 -Starts slideshow mode. Works up to ft.

Keyspan USB Serial Adapter Usa-19h Family Driver CD

Includes a convenient pouch for carrying the remote and receiver when traveling. Adjust system volume on the PC or Mac. Products will be sold and shipped by format. Easy to update over time with free software downloads Easy Expansion: If you’re the kind of presenter that likes to move around the stage keyspan usa 19 h get out into the audience, then the Keyspan Presentation Remote PR-US2 is the remote for you.

Countries are keyspxn by EU countries and other countries each in alphabetical order. Designed for use on Mac or Windows. No keyspan usa 19 h to install, just plug the receiver into the USB port and the remote begins to work within seconds.

Offering a range of more than feet, the Presentation Remote Pro covers large meeting rooms and lecture halls – far outdistancing other remotes in its price range.

Keyspan USB Serial Adapter Usah Family Driver CD | eBay

Convenient drawstring carry pouch with small inner pocket. Easy to buy when you need to replace the batteries.

Provides complete two-button mouse capabilities. Specifications Signal Range ft.

Control PowerPoint and Keynote. USB usaa cable CD with driver software and user guide hide details. Cookies keyspan usa 19 h small text files that are saved on your computer or mobile device when you keyspan usa 19 h websites. Then reload this page. There is no software usx install. It provides more range, convenience and flexibility than infrared remotes. If neccessary, please scroll down in the popup menu below to select your country the list is quite long.


The Presentation Pro Remote Gyro allows you to control your mouse movement with a sweep of your hand.

Volume control buttons adjust system volume on a PC or Mac. You will find more information and a way to disable disable Matomo Web Analytics for your browser in this case a cookie from www.

Ordering is disabled, because this product is not in stock at this time. Provides complete cursor control and two-button mouse capabilities.

No software to install, just plug it in and it works within keyspan usa 19 h Travel Pouch: Prevents the battery from accidentally draining when the remote is being carried in your pocket or laptop bag. This remote control 199 designed for use with PowerPoint and Keynote.