The AGP slot is used to install a graphics card. Use keys to move between the Hour, Minute and Second fields. Install the necessary drivers to activate the device. MAIN Use this menu to make changes to the basic system configuration. All changes are discarded.

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Select [Auto] to automatically detect hard disk drive.

ASROCK K7VT2 User Manual: Bios Setup; Bios Setup Program; Bios Menu Bar; Legend Bar

Fasten the card to the chassis with screws. Step 1 Step bis, 3 Step 4 2. This loads the default values for all setup options.

If the hard k7vr2 was already formatted on an older system, BIOS Setup may detect incorrect parameters. We recommend that you leave this field at the default value unless your AGP card requires other sizes. The default is 4X. Unlock a DIMM slot by pressing the retaining clips outward.

Refer to the drive documentation to determine the correct values. The motherboard detects the jumper setup and sets the CPU host frequency automatically.

ASROCK K7VT2 User Manual: Bios Setup; Bios Setup Utility; Bios Menu Bar; Legend Bar

This is an interface for front panel audio cable that allows convenient connection and control of audio devices. This mode speeds up the boot-up routine by skipping memory retestings. Hold components by the edges and do not touch the ICs.

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However, this is not recommended unless you thoroughly knows the feature. This field shows the status of the Supervisor Password.

User password has been set.

Download Amptron / Asrock K7VT2 motherboard BIOS – AM6LVA91 • Wim’s BIOS

No part of this manual may be reproduced, transcribed, transmitted, or translated in any language, in any form or by any means, except duplication of documentation by the purchaser for backup purpose, without bio consent of ASRock Inc. Make sure to set the partition of the Primary IDE hard disk drives to active.

Select address for Game Port or disable Game Port. The CPU fits only in one correct orientation.

Select mode for parallel port. Remove the system unit cover if your motherboard is already in stalled in a chassis. Select Parallel Port address or disable Parallel K7v2. The motherboard detects the memory module s inserted and automatically assigns appropriate frequency.

Use keys to move between the Month, Day and Year fields. Use this to enable or disable Ring-in signals to power on the system from power soft-off mode. Use this to enable or disable floppy drive controller.


You can also restart by turning the system off and then back on. Install the necessary drivers to activate k7t2 device.

It is a menu-driven program, which means you can scroll through its various submenus and make your selections among the predetermined choices. Align the card connector with the slot and press firmly until the card is completely seated on the slot. COM 1 Parallel port: Use this to select Midi IRQ. Installation of Heatsink and CPU fan Failure to do so may cause physical injuries to you and damages to motherboard components.