Never slide components over any surface. Port replicators Although you can attach devices directly to your convertible tablet PC, a port replicator lets you make all of those connections at onetime. For information about connecting to a wired or wireless Ethernet network, see “Networking Your Gateway M” on page This action is called clicking. Transferring your Internet shortcuts You can export and import your old Netscape Navigator bookmarks or Microsoft Internet Explorer favorites. Plug a parallel device such as a printer into this port.

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Excessive pressure or impact can cause damage to convertible tablet PC components, break the display screen, or otherwise cause malfunctions. The Edit Track Tag s dialog box opens.

You can identify a link by moving the mouse pointer over it. Also connected to the router is a cable or DSL modem that provides access to the Internet.

Ethernet Controller driver free download for windows – Gateway – M

To disconnect from your America Online Internet account: The Select source and destination screen opens. The Add Printer wizard opens. If you use an extension cable with your adapter, ensure that the total ampere rating of the products plugged in to the extension cable does not exceed the ampere rating of the extension cable.

For more information, see “Using the keyboard” on page Help and Support opens. Reset hole O Insert a straightened paper clip into this hole to manually restart your convertible tablet PC.


Take extra recordable media for transferring files between computers and backing up files. See “Using the optional diskette drive” on page The basic methods of creating, saving, opening, and printing a document apply to most of these types of files.

Drivers for Gateway Gateway M

Warning j Do not k275 to disassemble the AC adapter. Getting Started To remove the pen from conttroller convertible tablet PC: Select print from the computer you are currently using and your file is automatically printed on your printer no matter where it is located on your network.

The panel soft-locks into the final position. Be ready to claim your convertible tablet PC as soon as it passes through the x-ray machine in security checkpoints.

Monitor the battery charge by: The two most popular services on the Internet are e-mail and the World Wide Web. Then the clipboard contorller the new information only.

Getting Started Multi-function buttons Press the multi-function buttons to open the programs associated with them. This program corrects file and folder problems and marks flawed areas on the hard drive so Windows does not use them. Using the AC adapter Place the adapter in a ventilated area, such as a desktop or on the floor, when you useitto run your convertible tablet PC or to charge the battery.

Gateway Gateway M275 Drivers

Press it and tap button-tap to open right-click menus when they are available. Avoid touching the edge connectors. Arrow keys Press these keys to move the cursor up, down, right, or left. If you install a ethrenet device, you need to install the drivers provided by the device manufacturer.


Point and click Point and tap Double-click Double-tap Click-and-drag Tap-and-drag Right-click Button-tap press the pen ethegnet while tapping or press and hold with the pen Storing and removing the pen To store the pen in your convertible tablet PC: After doing this, you can disconnect and reconnect the device at any time.

Caution A Back up your personal files before you use this option. Each program uses different function keys for different purposes.

Th eProperties dialog box opens. The keyboard should easily fall into place. For more information on configuring the power switch mode, see “Changing power settings” on page If the on-screen pointer does not seem to line up with the tip of the pen— for example, because someone else has used your convertible tablet PC and adjusted it for their own use— recalibrate it to your tapping patterns.