Checking to see if libdabs. No existing installation of libjtsc. All you need is to run the command djtgcfg and see whether your boards pop up. Successfully installed Adept Runtime. The terminal window opens in your home directory. This page was last edited on 14 February , at Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

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Installing CoolRunner 2 support files Change directory to where the Xilinx Cabe drivers can be found. It is possible to specify a directory path here for the installation of the drivers, but normally you can just accept the default given path.

Below is an example of the text that will appear in the terminal window while the drivers are installed:. In the past it often was a burden to get this going, in the latest releases of the software these drivers are delivered with the installation of the software. Digilent Adept Runtime package is available at Digilent website. Installing JTSC device list The libraries are installed and the question is asked where to install the binaries of the Xilinx USB cable drivers.


Even installing as super user gives an error.

TDGL018 – Digilent JTAG-USB Programming Cable

Chose the package according to your linux OS. Drivers provided with ISE installation don’t work with Linux system. The document tells exactly how to install the Digilent Plugin and how to digilnet it.

Digilent Adept Runtime Adept Runtime Installer bit operating system detected In which directory should libraries be installed? Successfully updated dynamic loader cache.

Install Xilinx USB cable drivers for Ubuntu

Successfully installed Adept Runtime. Voila, installation done and ready to be tested.

No existing installation of libftd2xx. If you have problems, please check that you have not done any misstake on the primary installation.

The installation program checks if FTDI drivers are already available on the machine and if not installs them. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. The terminal screen will show a whole list of this kind of messages while all. It is again possible to specify a location for these drivers.


In which directory should system binaries be installed? Privacy policy About eLinux. Digilent Plugin is alse available at Digilent website. Provide your sudo password and the installation will start. This approach does not use the official Xilinx libraries but a replica of them.

TDGL – Digilent JTAG-USB Programming Cable

There is a pdf under the folder named: You will also need libusb which is required in the compiling of the drivers. Installing Adept Runtime configuration To install plugin is quite easy, all you need to do is copy the libCseDigilent. Successfully reloaded UDEV rules. After installing the Xilinx ISE software on your machine, open a terminal window using the following key-combination: The binaries are installed and now the question is asked where to install the data files.

No existing installation of libdabs. Retrieved from ” https: