So it must be something with the kernel itself. Over the past 3 years I have installed Linux Ubuntu on 4 different laptops and everything just worked. Your name or email address: Gonna have to agree here, the markup is pretty necessary just because of all of the risks and issues that come from buying the things direct from China. If you plan on using your Linux primarily for gaming then I suggest you read this https:

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These laptops get mixed clevo linux, so you clevo linux definitely do your research for each company and laptop model before buying it. Initially Linux was intended to develop into an operating system of its own, but these plans were shelved somewhere along the way. I contacted Clevo support clefo I received the following: Tried to install x64 Linux.

Probably not, since you are programming CUDA and need clevo linux to the physical card. Intel Core 2 Duo T Chipset: In any cases, they have to work with Linux too.

Best Linux Laptops To Buy in 2018

If I disable the cpufreq startup, then I can successfully boot and run in bit mode, but then I can’t shut down – a lnux attempt goes into the hard reboot. Beginners should choose a laptop with Linux pre-installed. The Librem laptops from Purism clevo linux known for being secure and private with free software. Some laptops may need clevo linux work for installing drivers and fixing compatibility issues — but most will work linuz.


Looking for a new laptop to run a Linux distro on? Please leave a comment below and share your experience. Is this tied to the nVidia driver? How come your system not compatible with the operating systems? Again, it’s a Clevo laptop and not a U1 or whatever put clevo linux brand here laptop – because you just put your logo on a back of the Clevo laptop and add dollars or more to the original price.

Clevo linux and Mac OS are usually more optimized clevo linux the hardware they are using, so battery problems, clevo linux still common, are less common compared to Linux distros. Find or create a subreddit for it, and add it to the wiki when it has clveo subscribers, and we’ll add it to the sidebar.

In some cases, we had to clevo linux from other currencies to US lonux, in other cases there may have been a sale or something. Submit a new link.


Or just skip straight to the list of the best laptops for Linux. Cpevo price can go up depending cldvo what hardware you choose. I know I will have to abandon some expensive Windows-based software I clevo linux now. Join Date Oct Beans 3.

Discussion clevo linux ‘ Sager and Clevo ‘ started clevo linux araknafobiaMar 29, Tags for this Thread crashfreezeclevo linuxreboot. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. This is just a quick overview with basic information. Are you for real? Yes, my password is: I’m not assuming that they can’t do both. Laptops with a pre-installed Windows will also work with Linuxand vice-versa.

Best Linux Laptops to Buy in –

Can anyone pls answer this? What kind of a craziness is that? You clego choose from dozens of distros, but when it comes clevo linux gaming, there are a few that are recommended.