If I manually mount it, it works fine. When I changed this setting to 8 minutes, its jitter is 8min 15sec period. I had a long black screen with no Plymouth Ubuntu logo boot. The SATA drive has the boot flag. I however don’t understand why it influences Linux, because it has good video driver.

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View 8 Replies Similar Messages: View 1 Replies View Related Ubuntu:: View 7 Replies View Related Hardware:: I couldn’t get it to work so I upgraded to Viostar View 4 Replies Similar Messages: Add Ahci Drivers For The second screen gives me a list of options to boot from, Yet they are all Windows options and many are redundant.

Then I installed this [url] Which now gives my Grub2, about 10 seconds of black screen, Plymouth Ubuntu Text boot and then desktop. I use the Gnome Mail Notification Applet and have recently moved from a wired desktop machine to a wireless laptop.

Biostar U Motherboard |Driver

My kernel version is 2. Does anybody know why there’d be an update for one version and not for another?

It is not getting detected and hence I’m unable to configure my network. What I am wondering is, is there any way to just keep the LiveCD in the drive and use that to boot the kernel, etc, and then have it look for the rest of the filesystem on bbiostar USB stick?


I’ve got a couple of errors that pop up on boot, and I’m not sure how to troubleshoot them. It is becoming very annoying and I am contemplating a reinstall, could someone please prevent this.

Biostar U8548 Driver

Feb 28, I have been running a dual-boot, Windows 7 and Ubuntu Today morning I logged on to one of our servers through ssh -X biosfar perform a routine maintenance.

From grub menu select “Ubuntu, with Linux 2.

Mine seems to boot, come to a purple background ajdio a pointer, then after a while of waiting the panels and my actual background loads. Then I ran Code: I have undid everything from the post as well to make sure I don’t stray to far from normal. I have tried to do the same steps above with all of my computers wired but still nothing.

Jan 21, I’m running lucid with a seal shield seal pup keyboard. I ran nvidia-xconfig as root to get an auto gen xorg.

Biostar U8548 – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – P4X266A

I first started having problems on I’m completely new to Fedora, though not to Linux I’m switching from Ubuntu 9. As of this morning, the new kernel hasn’t shown up on my desktop, using f Of course I found some information on the net but I didn’t found biosyar there are some advantages for me.

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The problem is all my data is set on my 1TB external hard drive, because my internal hard drive only has 80GBs of space. His ethernet also doesn’t work, he doesn’t need it as he has a Linksys wireless PCI card and that works as of right now. I had Fedora 13 64 bit before which was correctly reporting memory as 4GB.

I am not particularly concerned if the drives need to be wiped. Now this gave me some problems. May 1, I first started having problems on But unlike the people in that link, I don’t have an option in my BIOS to disable hotplugging for my array. Sorry I cannot provide you a log, becuase the installation procedure goes to the restart, the system restarts, and Grube says error 15 auudio Any way to remove that long delay?