Even if you are not prompted to use the Setup program, you can change the configuration of your computer in the future. You can also restart by turning the system off and then back on. Remove the bracket opposite the slot that you intend to use. Line Out port green. The figure shows a graphics card installed on the PCI Express x16 slot. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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IEEE a port 3. This port connects a headphone or a speaker. The Advanced menu items allow you to change the settings for the CPU and other system devices.

The figure shows a assus card installed on the PCI Express x1 slot. Press the load lever with your thumb Athen move it to the left B until it is released from the retention tab. Dual-core processors contain two physical CPU cores with dedicated L2 caches to meet demands for more powerful processing.

The Mother Board • View topic – asus p5sd2 – fm/s

Line Out port 8. You cannot select an item that is not user-configurable. This chapter lists the hardware setup procedures that you have to perform when installing system components.


The other items Advanced, Z, Boot, and Exit on the menu bar have their respective menu items. Don’t have an account? Refer to the hard disk documentation for the jumper settings.

Asus P5SD2-FM Hardware User Manual

Line In port 7. Support the DIMM lightly with your fingers when pressing the retaining clips. The following sub-sections describe the slots and the expansion cards that they support. When set to [Yes] and if you install a Plug and Play operating system, the operating system configures the Plug and Play devices asjs required for boot.

If you encounter technical problems with the product, contact a qualified service technician or your retailer. PCI slots 3. Do not place the product in any area where it may become wet.

To install the CPU heatsink and fan: Disconnect the CPU fan cable from the connector on the motherboard. Failure to do so may cause you physical injury and damage motherboard components.

Detailed descriptions of the BIOS parameters are also provided. Pci Express X1 1. There is a separate sub-menu for each IDE device. Make sure that your power supply is set to the correct voltage in your area. In 4-channel, and 6-channel the function of this port becomes Front Speaker Out. Doing so can damage the motherboard. This motherboard provides excellent compatibility and flexibility by supporting either bit or bit architecture.

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Processor upgrade: ASUS P5SD2-FM/S + Pentium Dual Core – Fujitsu Support Forum

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: A configurable p5s2d-fm is enclosed in brackets, and is highlighted when selected. Main For changing the basic system configuration Advanced For changing the advanced system settings Power For changing the p5ad2-fm power management APM configuration Boot For changing the system boot configuration Exit For selecting the exit options and loading default settings To select an item on the menu bar, press the right or left arrow key on the keyboard until the desired item is highlighted.

Rear Speaker Out port Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. Disconnect the CPU fan cable from the connector on the motherboard. To change the supervisor password, follow the same steps as in setting a user password.